Senator Saves Polar Bear

For now, Buffalo, N.Y. no longer has to worry about the separation of its polar bead duo, Kali and Luna.

Senator Charles Schumer has secured a commitment from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to keep Kali until 2015, according to WGRZ. Luna is owned by the zoo but Kali is owned by the service so he can be moved to other zoos looking to start or expand exhibits.

Kali — originally a wild bear who was rescued when a hunter killed his mother — has been sought after by other zoos, but the senator said that it is critical he remain with Luna.

"Now, as long as all goes as the Zoo expects with its 2014 APHIS review, Kali will stay in Buffalo until at least 2015, where he is safe, healthy and has the potential to breed," Schumer said.

Just last week the Buffalo Zoo announced that it would begin work on a new arctic exhibit, which will provide a new home for Kali and Luna.

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