Seinfeld Tries to Reboot Microsoft’s Image, and Crashes

Quirky ad campaign about nothing widely panned by viewers

Seinfeld Microsoft Ad

The new Microsoft ad campaign featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld and billionaire Bill Gates was widely panned by viewers who said the jokes fell flat and the 90-second spot meant to reintroduce consumers to Windows missed its mark. 

The ad -- the first in a series countering the wildly popular Mac v. PC campaign  -- never mentions Windows and features Seinfeld and Gates shoe-shopping in the mall. But no amount of hip-wagging, churro-eating or shoe-bending could save the ad from being humorless -- it lacked Seinfeld's signature wry wit and was largely seen as a let down, critics said.

"The new Microsoft video starring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates is pointless, not funny and so embarrassing that you have to wonder about the future of Microsoft if the people who OK'd this ad are running it," wrote Mike Wendland of Free Press Technology.

Microsoft spent $300 million trying to revamp its image and this ad was the first in a series meant to reintroduce consumers to Windows, according to an internal email obtained by TechCrunch sent by SVP Bill Veghte to his staff.

Though the spot didn't draw many laughs, it did garner plenty of attention -- which may be just as good for Microsoft.

"Am I the only one who likes Microsoft's Seinfeld ad?" wonders one Australian blogger

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