Sean Penn and Kid Rock Spar in Odd Political PSA

Actor and singer face off in bar in 10-minute video that hopes to bridge red/blue divide.

Sean Penn and Kid Rock are facing off over politics.

In a 10-minute "public service" video posted on Kid Rock's YouTube channel called "Americans," the two go head to head in a bar after Penn witnesses a video of Rock performing at a Mitt Romney event.

"Hope and change?" the rocker shoots at Penn. "Four years later, working folks are just hoping to have a little change left over," he adds. Rock goes as far as to call Obama "O-Bummer" for his tax policies.

The "Gangster Squad" actor responds with: "Tell a lie a thousand times, it becomes the truth."

The often humorous PSA follows on the heels of Samuel L. Jackson's "Wake the F--- Up" video in which the "Avengers" actor stumps hard for Obama while urging voters not to be complacent.

Penn, an outspoken Democrat who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of gay-rights advocate Harvey Milk in "Milk" and Rock, a down-home, guitar-toting Republican couldn't be more different. And that's the point.

While at times convoluted - the spot features a gay marriage, news of the 2,000th American to die in the Afghanistan war, a ride in a Prius, verbal sparring over penis size and expletives to spare - the overriding message eventually comes through: Don't let politics divide, it's time to work together.

In the video, the two eventually agree to disagree and settle their differences by embarking on a California man-date, complete with Rock's gun strapped to that Prius.

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