Scoop: Best and worst of Oprah as cover girl

The folks at O, The Oprah Magazine ring in their 10th anniversary with the May issue. Winfrey herself has been on the cover of every issue in the magazine’s history. What did it take to get there?

One hundred nineteen outfits, 74 hairstyles and two convertibles, for starters. And some covers have been more memorable than others. Winfrey said that the August 2004 cover “may be my all-time favorite cover: on the beach, with Matthew Rolston’s crew following me with heaters.”

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the June 2002 issue, where Winfrey and readers didn’t see eye to eye. “I love, love this hat! The editors, and apparently our readers, did not,” said Winfrey in the May issue.

Also in the anniversary issue: Readers get a chance to interview Winfrey, and she shares the “10 Books that Rocked Oprah’s Decade.”

There’s a celebration that goes beyond the pages of the magazine in the works, too. Winfrey and many of her show regulars will be in New York City the weekend of May 7. Oprah's Web site has information on how you can be a part of it.

Michael Douglas mouths off
Those who were looking forward to a spring release of “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” have to wait a few more months, as the film has been pushed back to September. But star Michael Douglas, who returns as financier Gordon Gekko, is giving some early hints as to what we’ll hear in the film.

When Men’s Journal caught up with Douglas they asked him, “What should every man should know about money?” Douglas said, “There’s a great line from ‘Wall Street 2’: ‘Money is a bitch who never sleeps, and if you don’t keep an eye on her, then you wake up in the morning and she’s gone.’ ”

The magazine also asked Douglas, “What’s the best way to impress a woman?” Douglas’ answer offers an interesting glimpse into his relationships: “By ignoring her.”

Can comedy top ‘Clash’?
Tina Fey and Steve Carell — the comedy pairing that is long overdue — finally get their shot at box-office greatness this weekend, and they stand a good chance at coming in at No. 1.

Their movie “Date Night” is the only new wide release, opening in 3,300 theaters, and the movie has a very family-friendly PG-13 rating.

So the big question isL: Can “Date Night” top “Clash of the Titans,” last week’s No. 1? I choose to believe it can.

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