Sanders: Congress Would Heed My ‘Political Revolution'

Bernie Sanders fielded direct questions about the feasibility of his public welfare stances at a town hall at the University of Chicago on Thursday.

MSNBC' Chris Matthews asked the Democratic presidential candidate how he would implement free tuition for college and how he would push through a Supreme Court nominee that a Republican Senate would not confirm. 

Sanders insisted that, even though he is an "outside the beltway guy," the "inside the beltway guys" like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would listen to the people of the "political revolution." He then cited the LGBT movement's meteoric progress in the last decade. 

"If you and I were sitting here 10 years ago, and I said to you, you know Chris, I think in 2015, gay marriage would be legal in every state in this country, what would you have told me?" Sanders said.

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