Volcano Crushes “Iron Man 2” Junket and Samuel Jackson's Suit Pick-Up

Overlooked in the costly rescheduling of an "Iron Man 2" press junket in LA due to the Iceland volcano is the real big question -- what will become of Samuel L. Jackson's suits?

Paramount pictures has been scrambling to reschedule the international press day after its London location proved unreachable due to a cloud of volcanic ash drifting through European airspace. The fate of a major Hollywood blockbuster is at stake, but Jackson is miffed because he had planned to multi-task on the jaunt.

"I had two suits I needed to pick up," Jackson said yesterday of his cancelled trip to London. "I'm sort of bummed I won't be going there."

Jackson was speaking from the press day of his latest film, "Mother and Child," which opens the same day (May 7) as "Iron Man 2."

Jackson was almost trapped in Europe by the volcano which has clogged international travel.  He flew over the volcano on Wednesday before the ash became a safety hazard for jet planes.

"We were flying over going, 'Look at that,'" said Jackson. "We got out just before they shut everything down."

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