Samantha Bee Apologizes for Ridiculing Chemo Patient With ‘Nazi' Hair

Late night talk show host Samantha Bee apologized after coming under fire for ridiculing a CPAC attendee for having a "Nazi" haircut, after learning he was actually a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.

The remark, which can be seen here, was included in a video segment comparing current attendees at the conservative conference to past attendees.

"This time the bow ties were gone...replaced by Nazi hair," she said. 

Kyle Coddington, a contributor to Outset magazine, was later identified as undergoing chemotherapy. Outset blasted Bee on social media, saying they were "appalled" by her "grotesque mocking" and stood behind their contributor.

Bee's program "Full Frontal" edited Coddington out of the segment.

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