Sam Worthington To Be a Vampire With Real Bite

It was only a matter of time before Sam Worthington went vampire.

Still burning up the screen in "Avatar", and with the part of Perseus in "Clash of the Titans" around the corner, Worthington is in negotiations to star in "Dracula Year Zero," according to Variety.

While very few details of the new project are available, the story explores the origins of the infamous line of blood-suckers, focusing on the Romanian Vlad the Impaler. The film will portray Vlad as an imperfect hero in a tragic love story set in age of war and magic (hence the vampire transformation).

Alex Proyas ("I, Robot") will direct and there's no word on the vampire's love interest.

As we've already seen in "Avatar" and "Terminator Salvation," Worthington has a way with the flawed hero which is sometimes lost in his projects' gaudy box-office results. Whether he's a gung-ho Marine secretly selling out the people he's falling in love with or part-Terminator, you cannot help but like him. Which explains how these juicy parts continue to land at his feet, despite his repeated surprise to be landing these gigs.

The non-girly man Worthington's imposing presence will bring some true teeth to the vampire part missing in certain vampire franchises which shall remain nameless here.

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