Robert Rodriguez Believes “Machete” Can Be a “Latin James Bond”

Director Robert Rodriguez has big plans for his Danny Trejo-led "Machete," even calling it the "Latin James Bond."

"This is the first Latin superhero in Hollywood cinema," he said on Tuesday. "People were saying when they saw the trailer, how come no one has done this before?"

Indeed, it was Rodriguez's fake trailer in "Grindhouse" which started the "Machete" ball rolling. Trejo's tough guy character, a former Mexican federal agent turned killing machine, immediately came to life.

Rodriguez says the public simply demanded the movie be made after seeing the fake trailer.

The gore-fest is definitely building to tremendous buzz in advance of the Sept. 3 release. And, like Bond, there is plenty of room for more chapters.

Indeed, Rodriguez even hyped two sequels in overly-sensational style during "Machete." He has every intention of making good on these movie-promises, even if they were an effective joke in the movie.

"You saw the end titles," Rodriguez said. "Of course we're going to have to go with 'Machete Kills' and 'Machete Kills Again.' Once you put it out there -- just like in the trailer -- you have to make it."

"They just have to be really good," he said.

The movie veteran Trejo knows this pressure well. He was in England when he came across fans who had already tattooed his character, named Machete, onto their backs. He immediately sent a text to Rodriguez.

"I thought, 'Wow, I hope they like the movie,'" laughed Trejo.

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