Road Rage Incident Caught on Cellphone Camera

A motorcycle rider in southern California was caught on video punching and kicking a van and damaging the side mirror right by the driver, while stopped at a red light, a witness said.

Christian Quezada, who caught the incident on his cellphone camera, said the motorcyclist nearly pulled the driver out of the van.

"I saw his face," Quezada said. "He was really scared ... Poor guy."

The violent confrontation happened at an intersection in Hesperia. At one point the rider returned to his motorcycle, but quickly turned around and gave the van one more kick.

"He was doing something like gang signs to the van and that's why I got scared," Quezada said.

Before the light turned green the rider motioned to his leg as if to say the van driver clipped him.
The motorcycle then sped away.

Police on Friday continued to look for the driver.

"He needed to report if there was a contact between him and that van," said Sgt. Ken Lutz, of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. "He should have called 911."

The van driver, who works for a window blind company, didn't know why the motorcycle rider was so angry at him, Quezada said, adding he's hoping his video will help investigators find the man.

"This guy has to be out of the streets," Quezada said.

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