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Rex Tillerson Finally Answers Question From NBC's Andrea Mitchell

It was the first time since he was confirmed that Tillerson answered a question from the veteran foreign affairs correspondant

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell has been waiting for weeks for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to answer one of her questions. On Thursday, she finally got her soundbite, NBC News reported.

At a photo op with the Saudi foreign minister, Tillerson broke his pattern of silence or "no comment" replies to speak to the veteran foreign affairs correspondant. It was the first time he answered one of her questions since he was confirmed.

Mitchell asked if Saudi Arabia and the U.S. were in agreement when it came to defeating ISIS.

"I think as you saw from our meeting yesterday on the coalition to defeat ISIS there's great unanimity around the effort to defeat ISIS, not just on the battlefield but also off the battlefield and around the world. So yes I would say there's great unanimity," Tillerson replied.

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