“Red Riding Hood” Is “Twilight” With a Really Pretty Cape

Watching the first trailer for "Red Riding Hood," it's hard to not feel a little embarrassed for director Catherine Hardwicke, who appears to have walked off the set of her last film determined to retell the same story.

A beautiful girl living in a remote wooded area with two suitors who don't much care for each other and a werewolf, who may be someone close to the girl, terrorize the locals... Hardwicke's "Twilight"? Nope, it's Hardwicke's "Red Riding Hood," starring Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman and Lucas Haas.

Screenwriter David Johnson has essentially taken the story of the second-most popular franchise of our time and giving it the title of one of the most enduring children's stories in the Western canon.

At least this time Hardwicke, who made her bones with "Thirteen" and "Lords of Dogtown," was able to tell this story with a far better cast. And to be fair, much if the footage--especially Red's cape against a field of snow--is gorgeous. But, man...

We're also kinda bummed for Seyfried. She was great in the "Chloe," playing a wacked out prostitute hired by Julianne Moore to test the fidelity of her husband, Liam Neeson. It looked like maybe she was ready to step up to bigger and better roles. That will apparently have to wait.

"Red Riding Hood" arrives March 11, 2011.

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