Sewer Blobs Startle YouTube Viewers

A fascinating yet utterly disgusting video on YouTube has a lot of people guessing -- just what is living in the sewers under Raleigh, N.C.?

Unidentified Life Form in Raleigh Sewers

The video, ostensibly shot by a Cameron Village sewer crew's remote-controlled camera, shows at least three blobs living in cracks in the sewer pipes.

Watch it for yourself, but not while you're eating lunch.

Wild speculation as to what the blobs are is burning up the Internet. Some think they're alien invaders slowly digesting Raleigh from beneath. The blobs have an obvious similarity to the B movie of the same name -- its monster was a bacterium that came from outer space only to eat, and grow, and eat, and grow ...

Scientists think the blobs are nothing to fear. And anyone who's seen a B horror film knows you should always trust the scientists. Especially when they have differing opinions, like those who've commented on this video. One said he thinks they're colonies of tubifex worms, each blob made up of hundreds of individuals coiling together for lack of soil. But a biology professor told a North Carolina TV station that they're bryozoa, a general term for any number of small, colonizing animals.

There's a lot of effort right now to settle the debate. What do you think?

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