Quips from the Carpet: 2012 Golden Globes

You saw them pose and smile and wave, but what were the stars really talking about on the red carpet prior to the 2012 Golden Globes? Well, we were there and we've got the report.

From George Clooney's pick for most underrated movie to why Ewan McGregor missed out on a part in "Magic Mike," this is what went down.


PopcornBiz asked "The Ides of March" director and "The Descendants" star what was the most criminally overlooked film of 2011.

He replied, "Warrior!" He added, shaking his head, "No one saw it. It should be nominated for Best Picture!" 


At the Critic's Choice, Judd Apatow said a big "eff you" to Jerry Lewis who thought that women weren't funny. We asked Paul if he shared that sentiment.

"I would never say f*** you to Jerry Lewis. The opinion I share is, people who think women aren't funny, or questions that, I think that's like being from centuries ago. I loss patience with anyone who even makes that a question. But I wouldn't say f*** you, I love everybody."


We asked Dinklage what was in store for his "Game of Thrones" character in Season Two.

"He falls in love, which is lovely and a bit more complicated from the philanderer that wandered around season one creating chaos. He's grown up a bit, so it's nice."

He then added (as a tease to George R.R. Martin fans) "Season two sticks pretty closely to book two but rumor has it book three is so big, we might break it up a bit. But that's just hearsay."


On the surprise success of her Showtime series "Homeland:" "My character was kind of beaten up by the end of last season I'd like to see her come back. But the show has been incredible. It's amazing to know The Obamas are fans! That's huge!"


Ewan McGregor, who just worked with director Steven Soderbergh and actor Channing Tatum on "Haywire," surprisingly didn't join the pair in the upcoming male stripper movie "Magic Mike." How come? Did Soderbergh even ask? 

"No! I think they were just intimidated by what they saw in my earlier work," quipped the oft-nude McGregor.

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