President Obama No Longer a TV Hit

Ratings drop, networks tire of giving up air time


Just a few months ago, President Barack Obama was a real hot ticket! Everybody wanted him on their television show, and networks happily postponed hours of prime-time programing to broadcast his addresses and press conferences. But now Obama's just a washed-up old has-been, and everybody's pretty tired of this guy hogging the tube every night to whine about how he inherited a bad economy.

Look no further than the ratings on his latest cry for attention, Tuesday's prime-time press conference that drew 14 percent fewer viewers than either his state of the union-type address or the first press conference he held in February. Clearly, the public appetite for more economics lectures from Professor Obama has come to an end.

We just want to get back to our "Dancing with the Stars" and our "American Idol," the sorts of wholesome, value-oriented entertainments that sustain us in difficult times. We don't need some Gloomy Gus up there on the television, giving completely unspontaneous telempromptered addresses before answering boring questions from so-called "journalists." No, what America needs is the unvarnished truth about where we're headed as a nation -- the sort of Truth we can only derive from watching teenagers sing karaoke while plastic surgery victims do the foxtrot in pasties.

So please, President Obama, stop killing the networks with your sad spectacles. Nobody's watching anyway.

The television critic and body language expert Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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