10 Funniest Moments From Obama's “Between Two Ferns” Appearance

President Obama went on Zach Galifianakis's web series "Between Two Ferns," and the results are hilarious

It was only a matter of time before Funny or Die's “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” landed a high-profile interview subject. No, not small potatoes like Justin Bieber, James Franco or Jennifer Lawrence.

They were all just warm-ups for the guest of the century: President Barack Obama, who took a break from running the free world to take on Galifianakis’s hard-hitting and inappropriate interviewer.

For once, it was Galifianakis who couldn’t take the heat. Every barb he threw the president’s way (“What’s it like to be the last black president?”) was returned with a healthy dose of snark from the usually stoic Obama (“What’s it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president?”).

Here are our 10 favorite moments from the video:

1.) ZG: "What should we do about North Ikea... Korea?"

BO: "Why don't we move on."

2.) ZG: "It must kind of stink that you can't run three times."

BO: "If I ran a third time it would sort of be like making a third 'Hangover' movie. Didn't really work out, did it?"

3.) ZG: "Be short, fat and smell like Doritos and try to make it in Hollywood."

4.) BO: "How does it feel having a three-inch vertical?"

ZG: "It's a three-inch horizontal, so..."

5.) ZG: "I don't want to show anyone my birth certificate 'cause it's embarrassing."

BO: "What's embarrassing about it?"

ZG: "My weight on it. It says I was born seven pounds, 800 ounces."

6.) ZG: "You know what I would do if I was president, Mr. President? I would make same-sex divorce illegal. Then see how bad they want."

BO: "I think that's why you're not president. And that's a good thing."

7.) ZG: "You said if you had a son, you wouldn't let him play football. What makes you think he would want to play football? What if he was a nerd like you?"

BO: "Do you think a woman like Michelle would marry a nerd? Why don't you ask her if she thinks I'm a nerd."

ZG: "Could I?"

BO: "No, I'm not letting her anywhere near you."

8.) BO: "I think it's fair to say I wouldn't be with you today if I didn't have something to plug."

9.) ZG: "I don't have a phone. I'm off the grid. I don't want you people looking at my texts, know what I mean."

BO: "First of all, Zach, no one wants to look at your texts."

10.) ZG: "Watch the spider bite."

BO: "That's on the other hand."

ZG: "No, it's everywhere."

Now check out the video for yourself.

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