Poodle Found Injured With Rubber Bands Around Mouth

Authorities are trying to track down the person responsible for wrapping rubber bands around a poodle’s muzzle, severely injuring the dog.

A Southern California resident in the 2900 block of Ocean View Boulevard came across the injured poodle running loose in a nearby park, according to a news release from the San Diego County Department of Animal Services.

The resident reported the discovery to the Department of Animal Services. An animal control officer responded and found the female white poodle and saw the dog had multiple rubber bands wrapped around its muzzle.

The poodle was treated at the department’s animal care facility; veterinary staff removed the rubber bands, which had been on the dog so long that the bands had cut all the way down to the bone, animal services officials said.

Dawn Danielson, director of animal services, said in a news release the act may have been intended to quiet the dog from barking, “however, their actions have caused this poor dog to suffer horrendous pain for a very long time.”

The poodle is still being treated for injuries and isn’t available yet for adoption

Animal services officials said they’ve launched an animal abuse investigation and need the public’s help tracking down the person responsible.

Those with information are asked to call the department’s patrol supervisors at 619-767-2740 or Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.

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