Poe Detective Show Closer to Reality: Edgar Cast

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that ABC had purchased what, in our eyes, is the greatest concept for a show since a disembodied voice hired three models to do his dirty work - A detective series starring Edgar Allan Poe.

But like all great and bizarre ideas, we never held out hope that it would actually happen. Well, it looks like ABC is serious, because they just cast their Edgar.

According to Deadline, former "Kings" lead Chris Egan will be stepping into the itchy and volatile skin of Mr. Poe, which is a bit of a surprise seeing as most people picture the "Raven" author as looking a bit more like Gomez Addams and less like a flowing-haired hunk. But that's TV magic.

Australian actress Tabrett Bethell - a vet of the ABC series "Legend of the Seeker" - has also been cast in the pilot. She is believed to be playing a character referred to as "Poe's muse." Lenore, perhaps? 

All in all, Poe is a comedy sidekick and a kick-ass car from being a reality. Here's hoping.

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