Plenty More Dark Material Left for “Splice” Director's Next Project

You have to wonder what's going through "Splice" writer-director Vincenzo Natali's head with some of the dark seen in his latest flick.

But rest assured, there's plenty more where that came from. When asked if there's still dark material in his brain for his next project Natali told PopcornBiz, "Oh yeah, the fruit never falls too far from the tree."

So how does Natali put this stuff (even he calls it "twisted") onscreen and yet seem like the most mild-mannered guy alive in person? "It's purging," he says. " That's why I generally find that when I meet other directors of other horror films they tend to be very well adjusted and sweet people."

"I'm sure the demons have been worked out in their fiction."

Natali doesn't know what his next project will be, but he tells us he's eyeing a J.G. Ballard novel he has in development.

"It's going to be outrageous," he promises. "It's going to make 'Splice' look like a Disney movie. It ain't no 'Cinderella.' "

The director has never compromised in the past, and he's not about to bend now -- even if it means a movie like 'Splice' takes 12 years to create on his own terms.

"I like to think outside the box," he says. "The line is a thin one between a filmmaker and a mad scientist if there is a line at all."

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