Phil Collins Not Abandoning Music Career: Rep

Reports of Phil Collins' professional death are greatly exaggerated. 

"He is not, has no intention of, retiring," a U.K. rep for the seven-time Grammy-winner told People magazine after Collins himself fueled the speculation in a recent interview.

The Genesis drummer and solo singer of hits like “In the Air Tonight” and “Take Me Home” had told FHM magazine that because of persisting medical problems it felt "like a good time to stop for a while." 

Collins said he suffers from hearing loss, dislocated vertebrae, and excessive nerve damage in his hands from years of banging on the drums.

The 60-year-old boasts 13 hit singles and an Academy Award under his belt. He said he's happy to fade into obscurity.

“I don't really belong to that world and I don't think anyone's going to miss me,” Collins told FHM. 

Of critics like Oasis' Noel Gallagher, who according to Time once said Collins' career shows that, “you don't have to be great to be successful," Collins said: “I'm sorry that it was all so successful.”

“I honestly didn't mean it to happen like that," he told FHM. "It's hardly surprising that people grew to hate me.”

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