Personal Chef On What Happened The Day Michael Jackson Died

Staff and children prayed when star discovered in distress

Kai Chase was Michael Jackson's personal chef and she was in the house when the pop star stopped breathing.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, Kai explained what happened inside Jackson's rented mansion on the day he died.

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"Tell me about Dr. Conrad Murray — what kind of a man is he?" Bush asked.

"He seemed like a very nice man, " Chase said. "He was well-dressed, a well-versed gentleman."

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But on June 25, the day Michael Jackson died, Kai said there was a break from Murray's usual routine as she prepared breakfast.

"On June 25, I came into work at 8:30 and I began to prepare the children's… breakfast — granola and almond milk," she said.

Chase said she usually saw Murray around 10 or 10:30 AM.

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"He would come down and get juices for Mr. Jackson, but this particular day I didn't see that," she recounted. "I kind of thought that maybe Mr. Jackson's rehearsals were pushed back, maybe later in the day. The time that I saw Dr. Murray was around 12:10 PM. He rushed down the stairs — stairs going right into the kitchen and he's screaming, 'Hurry! Go get Prince, go get security. Hurry.' So I drop everything. I run into the den, which is not too far from the kitchen and I go get Prince.

"Prince comes into the kitchen. He talks to Dr. Murray on the stairwell. I go back to work, Dr. Murray goes back upstairs, Prince and I are still downstairs," Chase continued. "Prince was downstairs with myself and the nanny."

"What did Dr. Murray look like when he came down?" Bush asked.

"He looked alert. He looked like, 'Yes, hurry. Make a move, let's go. Somebody hurry, this is an emergency,'" she added.

Approximately 10 minutes later, at 12:21 PM, the 911 call was placed.

Within minutes, Chase saw paramedics running up the stairs.

Downstairs, the children, along with the staff, were in distress.

"We united and formed a circle, held hands and we started praying," Chase said. "It was myself and the children, nanny and housekeepers and we were crying frantically because we didn't know what was going on. Paramedics were upstairs, security was upstairs and we were just praying 'God, please let Mr. Jackson be OK.'"

"Were the children praying?" Bush asked. "Were they listening? Were they crying?"

"They were praying, they were crying and we were praying out loud," Chase said. "Prince joined in prayer, and Paris, she's crying and [saying] 'Yes, father, God. Yes, Jesus.' We were praying that the well-being, the safety of this man is OK. This is their dad."

At 1:14 PM, Jackson was rushed to UCLA Medical Center, followed by his children, and at approximately 1:30 PM, the staff was told to leave the premises.

"Who asked you and the others to leave the house" Bush asked.

"One of the security guards came and asked the staff – 'At this point we're asking the staff to leave.'" Chase recounted. "And we ask, 'Is Mr. Jackson OK?' [The security said] 'Well, we're taking him to the hospital now.' We left the property and about an hour later I'm hearing 'Mr. Michael Jackson has passed' and I was completely just devastated."

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