Scottish Nurse With Ebola Complications Is ‘Critically Ill'

Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey is back in the hospital 10 months after recovering from Ebola, according to hospital officials, NBC News reported. Cafferkey is “critically ill” in a hospital in Scotland and 25 people who had been in close contact with her have been vaccinated against the virus.

"We are sad to announce that Pauline Cafferkey's condition has deteriorated and she is now critically ill. Pauline is being treated for Ebola in the high level isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital," the hospital said in a statement.

Cafferkey got infected last year while helping fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. She was taken back to the hospital last week.

It's not precisely clear if the Ebola virus has returned to cause a repeat infection. If it has, it would be the first documented case. 

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