Q&A: Party Rocking With LMFAO

LMFAO is in the house tonight! And, we get the scoop from SkyBlu and Redfoo on post-Super-Bowl madness, working with the great Madonna, and what they're doing to make a "Party Rock" planet.

What was the best thing about performing at the Super Bowl (other than it being THE Super Bowl, of course)?
One of the best things about performing at the Super Bowl was working with Madonna. What a model for success! Also being surrounded by such family-oriented and successful people. I really got to experience this NFL family vibe first hand, meeting and spending time with Jonathan Kraft, an owner of the Patriots, getting to party with his team after the game, and being able to perform at various parties leading up to the Super Bowl in Indy, a town filled with such amazing people and energy.

Redfoo, you had the queen of pop on your shoulders at one point how'd you get the queen of pop to agree to that? And, how was it?
Madge has a clear vision of exactly what she wants and she surrounds herself with amazing talent to get it done. Madonna on my shoulders was her idea. I felt like her party knight in shining armor. I hit the gym a little extra in the days leading up to make sure I executed.

Did Madge have any wise words for you guys before the show?
Yes, she huddled us together and said the most beautiful and uplifting speech. She said something like what we do as entertainers is to make people happy, but more importantly, we bring everybody together. That resonated with me. I got this really happy feeling in my body.

Happy with the results of the game?

Jonathan Kraft, Patriot's owner, had booked me at the Patriot's after party win or lose, so of course I wanted the Patriots to win. When they lost, my job became even more apparent and my mission was to lift the spirits of the players, the fans and the organization and to really test the power of Party Rocking. Being able to get the players, fans and organization dancing and partying was one of the best experiences of my life. So much family in the air.

What's next for you guys?

Working on new music always. Touring the world and making this a Party Rock planet. We're releasing our next music video for "Sorry for Party Rocking". Something that I'm extremely
excited about is launching a new DJ app on the iPhone called Beat Rock, simply putting the party in your hands. It's my new DJ platform.

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