Our List of Lists, 2008: Random & Awesome Edition

From sex scandals to dumb web startup names (Thoof.com? Really?), the best of the rest

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Stuart Palley for The Center for Investigative Reporting
  1. Best (& Worst) Sex Scandals of 2008 -- We never get tired of John Edwards' hair apologizing.
  2. 12 Most Viral Web Stories of 2008 -- From Zombie McCain to the Montauk Monster.
  3. 10 Worst Employees of 2008 -- Getting pink-slipped may not be as bad as landing on this list.
  4. 13 Best & Worst Web Memes -- Try watching the Tom Cruise one with the Chipmunks playing in the background. Go on. Try it.
  5. 15 Dumbest Names for Web 2.0 Startups -- Got that, Thoof.com?
  6. Trend of 2008: Obamaccessories -- Is it too late to rock the Obamahawk? 'Cause we want one.
  7. 2008's Best & Worst Disses, Feuds, Slights and Slams Spike Lee and Barbara Walters are pissed.
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