Our List of Lists, 2008: Music Edition

Weird band names, egos the size of Jupiter, album covers that make you go "hmm," and other roundups of music that made its mark in 2008

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  1. CMJ 2008 Weird Band Name List - Includes names like "Tiger! Sh**! Tiger! Tiger!" That'll look great on a CD label, right?
  2. 10 Biggest Egomaniacs in Music - Admittedly, Kanye West landed on this list before he caused the world's jaw to drop with his non-filtered performance on SNL. (Not technically of the year, but we'll let that slide.)
  3. 20 Worst Album Covers of 2008 - Did My Morning Jacket or Brad Paisley actually see the artwork before it went to press?
  4. Best Songs Used in Commercials - It's like Target crawls inside our heads and plants a chip so that every time we see a new commercial, not only do we need to know who's playing that song, we also desperately want a new bedside lamp and Mossimo stovepipe jeans.
  5. Guilty Pleasures - We can't wait until the Jonas Brothers hit puberty!
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