Now Showing: “Dark Shadows”, “God Bless America” & More

Dark Shadows
Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton are together again, for a comedic adaptation of the '60s vampire soap opera about a man back from the dead to find that the witch who imprisoned him, Eva Green, still holds a grudge. Read our coverage and watch the trailer

God Bless America
Writer-director Bobcat Goldthwait's new film stars Joel Murray as a man who responds to a brain cancer diagnosis by going on a cross-country killing spree. Read our coverage

Girl in Progress
Eva Mendes stars in this indie dramedy as a single mother doing her best to raise her teenage daughter. Read our coverage and watch the trailer

Where Do We Go Now?
A dramedy in which a group of Lebanese women do what they can to ease the religious tension in their small village. Watch the trailer

Nobody Else But You
A crime novelist with writer's block investigates the death of a lounge singer who believed she may have been the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. In French with English subtitles. Watch the trailer

Tonight You're Mine
Two indie rock stars at Scotland's leading music festival are accidentally handcuffed to each other, forcing the two to spend the day together. Watch the trailer

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