Snipes Sniped by Paparazzi in Dubai, Bail in Jeopardy

Wesley's passport could be snatched by authorities

Actor Wesley Snipes violated his bail terms by attending at a lavish party in Dubai, putting the actor in hot water once again.

U.S. attorneys have asked a judge to restrict his travel outside the United States because Snipes attended a $20 million party last November for the opening of the $1.5 billion Atlantis Hotel resort in the Gulf nation, according to the Associated Press.

As a result of his side trip to Dubai, a federal judge in Florida wants Snipes to hand in his passport, reports The Smoking Gun. Prosecutors found out about the trip when a paparazzi snapped a photo of the actor at the event, according to the site.

A jury convicted the action star last year of three counts of willfully failing to file his income taxes. Snipes, 46, is free on bond while he appeals the convictions and his three-year prison sentence to the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta. Federal prosecutors say his bond should be revoked too.

This couldn't come at a worse time for the actor as he recently requested permission to travel for 14 weeks to Italy to film "Game of Death." He also wants to spend two weeks in Namibia for re-shoots on "Gallowwalker." However, federal prosecutors noted that Namibia "has become known as a haven for international fugitives," reports the Smoking Gun.

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