Zachary Quinto Ready to Beam Back Aboard “Star Trek”

Life just got more pointed for Zachary Quinto. Ear-wise, that is.

The actor recently beamed back into duty as Mr. Spock for the long-awaited second installment of the rebooted “Star Trek” film franchise, and he opened his hailing frequencies to give PopcornBiz a little sneak peek at his re-Vulcanizing.

How was it getting back together with everybody on set?

Getting back together with everybody was amazing. It was a little bit awkward because we've been away for four years, so for all of us to kind of find our footing again, just in relationship to shooting the movie [was a challenge]. But there's such a great connection between all of us that we were able to find our way pretty quickly.

We're sure you won't give away any plot details but can you talk about your reaction when you learned what the story was going to be?

Well, it's bigger and bolder. And I think in some ways more dynamic. And it's so exciting to be back. And the first time there was a writer's strike when we were shooting the movie so nothing was able to be changed – the script was locked. And this time Bob [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman] and Damon [Lindeloff] and J.J.[Abrams] are really getting in and working on the story and sort of allowing it to expand and evolve – and bringing us into the process. So there's a real collaboration that wasn't even legally permitted the first time that I feel really grateful for. We're having a really great time.

And this past year was kind of your, 'I am not Spock' year, or at least, not JUST Spock. You really got to show on film and on television that you have other sides to you – you produced and starred in “Margin Call,” and then guest-starred on “American Horror Story.” Was making sure you weren’t solely perceived as this iconic character in your head at all?

I mean, it's just been enormously gratifying. I started this production company. Our first feature out of the gate was an incredible experience to work on as an actor and a producer. And to work with all these other amazing actors was so fulfilling to me. I wasn't really consciously trying to get away from the 'Star Trek' experience. I'm really thrilled to have that, as well. But, yeah, I just want to keep things diverse and keep people surprised. And defy my own expectations, as well as other people's. That's my plan.

Now that we know 'American Horror Story' is going to be an anthology series do you think you'll be back on it as another character?

I don't know. [Laughs] You'll have to talk to Ryan Murphy about that!

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