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New York Republicans Ignore Ted Cruz at GOP Gala

Ted Cruz's New York GOP Gala speech seemed to be poorly received, with minimal applause and attendees chatting and taking selfies

Many among the hundreds of Republicans at the New York City GOP gala tuned out Sen. Ted Cruz Thursday night during his speech, NBC News reported.

The gala attendees were seen talking at their tables and mingling in the event space, with some even walking out of the dinner as Cruz spoke.

At least one person at the event said Cruz had damaged his chances with New Yorkers because of his disparaging "New York values" comments a few months ago.

The phrase was used by Cruz to describe GOP front-runner Donald Trump in a negative light. Cruz's speech Thursday didn't receive the typical high level of applause and laughs seen at prior campaign rallies, NBC News reported.

Instead, the gala crowd did not react when Cruz paused for laughter after his remark, "I haven't built any buildings in NYC."

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