‘I Am a Woman for Hillary': N.H. Sen. Endorses Clinton at Initiative Launch

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen officially endorsed her "friend" Hillary Clinton for president Saturday at a “Women for Hillary" event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Shaheen, a former three-term governor who remains popular in the state after winning a second senate term in November 2014, emphasized how much she trusts Clinton and touted her "tough as they come" strength.

“Hillary doesn’t look for a fight but neither does she shrink from one if the cause is right,” Shaheen said. “I’m a woman for Hillary. She is tested. She is our champion and she is our friend.”

The Democratic front-runner discussed the challenges that women worldwide still face to mark the 20th anniversary of her speech in Beijing, China, where she declared "human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights once and for all."

"I'm a proud, lifelong fighter for women's issues because I firmly belive what's good for women is good for America," Clinton said.

Clinton also took a jab at Republicans in Congress and on the presidential campaign trail, calling their stance on women’s issues “outdated and out of touch.” Terminating federal funding for Planned Parenthood has become a key part of many GOP candidates’ presidential message after the re­lease of sev­er­al sting videos al­legedly show­ing Planned Par­ent­hood of­fi­cials dis­cuss­ing the sale of aborted fetal tis­sue.

Planned Parenthood, meanwhile, provides thousands of women access to affordable, non-abortion services such as reproductive health, cancer screening, and maternal and child health services.

"She will never back down on women’s reproductive rights, and will never defund planned parenthood," Shaheen said earlier to loud cheers.   

Clinton called out Trump for repeatedly insulting women and shot back at his recent defense of his attitude towards them, in which the Republican frontrunner said he "cherishes" women.

"If it's all the same to you, Mr. Trump, I'd rather you stop cherishing women and started respecting women," Clinton said. 

The event marks the launch of a new initiative by the former secretary of state in an effort to enlist the support of more female voters. Both women wore pink jackets, calling it "pink power." The "Women for Hillary" campaign will roll-out over the next two weeks.

Clinton, who was once dominant in New Hampshire, is ramping up operations in the Granite State after recent polls showed a shrinking, if not dissapearing, lead. Challenger Bernie Sanders, who made significant gains over the summer, overtook Clinton by seven percentage points in the early voting state, according to the latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll.

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