Top Chef Judge Sued

Waitstaff claim restaurant managers were stealing their tips.

Getty Images

"Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio doesn't share the abusive personality that Gordon Ramsay plays on "Hell's Kitchen." According to a lawsuit filed in federal court, however, waitstaff at his restaurants are suing him for stiffing them on their tips.

A former employee of Colicchio's filed a suit against the restaurateur in federal court on Friday for allegedly not paying some of his restaurant workers minimum wages, overtime and tips from customers. Colicchio owns and operates a chain of restaurants named Craft.

Colicchio told the New York Times that "It’s a baseless lawsuit. We’re confident that a thorough investigation in the courts will find that Craftbar and Craft Worldwide Holdings have conducted themselves with the highest integrity and concern for the well-being of their employees.”Mr. Colicchio said that his company’s restaurants “pay overtime to all tipped and nontipped employees according to federal and state labor law.”

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