Jon Stewart Is This Generation's Cronkite: Poll

Journalism is in crisis.

Jon Stewart, Comedy Central's star faux newsman, has been voted America's most trusted newscaster according to a poll conducted by Time Magazine.

Stewart, best known for sparing few public figures in his hilarious and pointed rants, beat out the traditional networks top news-persons, winning 44 percent of a nationwide poll.

NBC's Brian Williams claimed the second spot with 29 percent. ABC's Charlie Gibson was third with 19 percent and CBS's Katie Couric won a paltry 7 percent -- an ironic figure considering former CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite defined the role of newsreader and was known as "The Most Trusted Man in America."

Cronkite, an icon of American journalism died last week at 92. He was a reporter with impeccable credentials, covering war and politics for years before taking the anchor chair and presided over the networks coverage of such earth-shaking events as John F. Kennedy's assassination and NASA's first launch into space.

Stewart started his career in stand-up comedy and bit film roles before becoming an MTV regular. He shot to stardom on Comedy Central with the "Daily Show" where he landed interviews with top politicians and celebrities and brought sharp political satire to a young disengaged audience.

A major feature of the "Daily Show" is Stewart's panning of traditional news outlets and often courageous commentary on significant news events.

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