Glenn Beck Dropped From New York Radio Station

WOR blames low ratings

Glenn Beck was dropped from his gig on a New York radio station due to poor ratings.

The conservative pundit's syndicated show on WOR (710 AM) will be replaced by another right-wing commentator, Mike Gallagher, on Jan. 17, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

"The reason is ratings," WOR program director Scott Lakefield told the Daily News. "Somewhat to our surprise, the show wasn't getting what we wanted."

He said he hopes Gallagher will add more of a local angle to the program.

Beck, a nationally famous TV personality and Tea Party favorite, is also known for his weekday show on Fox News and his impassioned and activist approach to political commentary. The "Restoring Honor" rally he lead in August attracted thousands to Washington D.C. and sparked protest rallies.

On a national scale, Beck's ratings are much stronger, although he suffered a 6.5% loss of viewership on his television show last year, according to Nielsen ratings via Politico. Talkers magazine rated him  the No. 3 talk show host in radio for their "Heavy Hundred" list, after Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

"We are very proud of Glenn Beck's performance in New York," Chris Balfe, who runs the talkmeister's media company, told Politico in a statement.

Gallagher has been a long-time host of WABC (770 AM) before moving to national syndication several years ago. He told the Daily News he looks forward to increasing "ratings and revenue" on the radio show.

The shift will move WOR morning host John Gambling's show to 6-10 am, and Gallaghers show will begin at 10am.

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