First Lady Gets the Superhero Treatment

Barack shared a cover with Spidey. Now Michelle Obama gets her own superhero treatment.

The First Lady will be the next woman featured in the “Female Force” set of comic books that have been flying off shelves recently. The first two installments of the bio-comic series were about political heavyweights Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Both editions sold out before they hit shelves.
"Strong, independent women is what we're known for," Darren Davis, president of Bluewater Comics, told The New York Daily News. "So doing the 'Female Force' series was organic for us - we try to show women in a positive light and tone down the 'T and A' angles. They're no different from a Wonder Woman type of comic."

The 22-page Obama comic will chronicle the First Lady’s life from childhood in Chicago, to college at Princeton and on through her husband’s campaign for the presidency.
The Clinton and Palin comics, which are in their second printing, sold about 10,000 copies each, but that’s nothing compared with Obama’s sales; though her comic is set for release on April 25, already 40,000 copies have been preordered.
"I don't think people know everything there is to know about Michelle," Davis said. "There's a lot of information in her thesis, and she worked for the company that represented Barney the Dinosaur."
Next up for the series: Caroline Kennedy and Princess Diana. The comics retail for $3.99 and are available at
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