Cop Guilty of Lying About Hurricane Katrina Death

A New Orleans cop was convicted Friday of lying about a fatal shooting in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Officer Ronald Mitchell, 33, shot and killed 45-year-old Danny Brumfield outside a convention center in September 2005. He told the jury Brumfield lunged at him with a "shiny object" and that he left his patrol car after the shooting to check for Brumfield's pulse -- the jury cleared Mitchell on the former fact, but found him guilty of lying about the latter. His partner, Officer Ray Jones, was acquitted of the charges. Both were not charged for the shooting itself. This is the third federal trial related to the actions of New Orleans cops after Katrina although it is the most narrow, reports. In the Danzinger Bridge police shooting and Henry Glover cases, the defendants were found guilty of not only killing the victim but attempting to cover it up.

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