Woman Fakes Kidnapping to Get Off From Work: Report

San Antonio resident says she was bound and held at knifepoint

Maybe next time she’ll just call in sick.

Police say a San Antonio woman admitted to faking her own abduction to get the day off from work, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

After police found Sheila Bailey Eubank, 48, bound with rope in her car Oct. 10, she claimed a man had jumped into her vehicle and forced her to drive around at knifepoint on drug runs, the Express-News reported. Eubank said the man then tied her up and left her in her car in a field.

But detectives found a lottery ticket in Eubank’s purse that was purchased around the time she was supposedly being held captive, police told the Express-News.

Police said surveillance footage at the store where the ticket was purchased confirmed what they suspected: Eubank faked the whole thing. She later admitted she “simply wanted a day off from work and wanted attention,” police said.

Eubank was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated perjury, a third-degree felony, the Express-News reported.  

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