Warren Beatty's Atty Disputes Sexy Tell-All

New tome claims Beatty seduced nearly 13, 000 women

A lawyer for Warren Beatty is denying that that the legendary screen star with a reputation as a leading ladies man gave his seal of approval to a new tell-all that claims Beatty bedded nearly 13,000 women.

Longtime Hollywood writer Peter Biskind purports in “Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced Ameria,” to have befriended the 72-year-old actor and convinced many of Beatty’s high profile former lovers to open up about their relationships with him, according to excerpts in the New York Post.

The author estimates that by “using simple arithmetic” Beatty seduced “12,775 women, give or take, a figure that does not include daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on.”

The book dishes dirty details of Beatty’s alleged dalliances with such entertainers as Jane Fonda, Joan Collins, Julie Christie, Madonna and Diane Keaton.

"I wasn't the Warren Beatty type, but there I was," Keaton tells the author, according to the Post. "He was just so . . . overwhelming in every way. I remember looking at his face and going, 'How am I here with this?' The brilliance and the talent, you get caught up in it."

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Beatty’s lawyer, Bertram Fields, denied his client ever gave his okay to Beskin’s biography.

"Mr. Biskind's tedious and boring book on Mr. Beatty was not authorized by Mr. Beatty and should not be published as an authorized biography," Fields said. "It contains many false assertions and purportedly quotes Mr. Beatty as saying things he never said. Other media should not repeat things from the book on the assumption that they are true or that the book is an authorized biography."


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