Valerie Harper Vigilant In Spite of Incurable Brain Cancer

Iconic television star discusses illness on "TODAY"

In an emotional interview on "Today" on Monday, Valerie Harper told NBC's Savannah Guthrie that she wasn't ready to stop living in spite of being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer last week.

"I'm not dying until I do," Harper said."More than hopeful. I have an intention to live each ... moment fully."

The star of the classic '70s sitcom "Rhoda," Harper also appeared on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and other shows such as "Valerie," "The Office" and "Melrose Place." She also voiced a character on "The Simpson's" this season. In the "Today" interview, Harper said she's still coping with the diagnosis.

"'Incurable' is a tough word," she said on "Today. "So it is terminal."

Watch the interview below:

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