Ted Nugent Pleads Guilty Over Alleged Bear Hunting Violation

The controversial rock guitarist allegedly violated federal law when he shot two bears on a hunting trip in Alaska in 2009

Ted Nugent is almost out of the woods.

Days after the federal government let him off the hook for violent comments he made about the president, the rocker turned gun champion is making peace with the feds by pleading guilty to the illegal shooting of a bear.

On Tuesday, a federal judge signed off on the plea deal Nugent inked earlier this month with federal prosecutors over his shooting a black bear in Alaska for his television show "Spirit of the Wild" — allegedly in violation of federal law, according to Today.

According to the plea deal, in a May 2009 hunting trip to Alaska's Sukkwan Island, Nugent shot two bears, wounding one and killing the other, although Alaska only lets hunters shoot one bear per year. Both scenes made it onto "Spirit of the Wild."

With his plea, Nugent agreed to two years of probation, a $10,000 fine and a public service announcement to be broadcast every other week on his TV show for a year.

Two years ago, Nugent lost his deer hunting license in California after pleading no contest to a hunting violation there, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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