Sheen Loses Luster in Toronto


That seemed to be the general consensus of the audience in Toronto who saw the latest leg of Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” tour.

Toronto Star’s television critic Rob Salem said that Sheen had lost his sparkle. “Gone was the crazy-man ranting, anti-wife chanting and profane half-baked mystic mumbo-jumbo that has characterized his performances, onstage and off, since this whole mess started,” he wrote.

TMZ reported that the actor lit up a cigarette—make that an electronic cigarette-onstage, technically conforming to the theater’s anti-smoking law. That’s edgy, right?

Then, the Star said, Sheen took an extended break to enjoy an actual cigarette, playing a video to keep the crowd entertained.

Either way, the show lasted 40 minutes short of the announced run time, starting 25 minutes late and ending 20 minutes early.  And when it ended, it was on another extremely odd note.

Sheen welcomed a woman named Wendy Newman onstage, explaing that she had contacted the actor through his Facebook page asking if he could honor her late husband during his appearance.

Newman was brought up, carrying an urn containing the remains of her late husband. She had explained to Sheen that the only thing that got her through her husband's recent death were episodes of "Two and a Half Men." 

Sheen toasted Newman's husband with a glass of non-alcoholic cider, and the show ended abruptly shortly thereafter. 

Though it wasn't the disaster of Detroit, the show -- or the star -- seem to be losing steam.

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