“Sex and the City” Producer Has No Interest in Prequel

A twenty-something Carrie roughing it in a railroad apartment, eating Ramen and putting shoes on layaway? Not so fast.

“Sex and the City” writer and executive producer Michael Patrick King told the Television Critics Association Wednesday that’s not happening. “I’m not working on any ‘Sex and the City’ prequel at all,” King told the panel.

Fans of the HBO show (and subsequent sparkly clotheshorse megamovies) have been buzzing about translating Candace Bushnell’s novels about Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte’s teens and 20’s into corresponding films. There were rumors of casting new Hollywood darlings like Blake Lively and Selena Gomez.

But the past, at least as far as Carrie and the girls are concerned, is a non-issue for King. “I didn’t want to know who [Carrie’s] parents were. To me, she could have just materialized at 33.”

“My Carrie Bradshaw started at 33 and I took her to 43,” King told reporters. “That’s what interested me, her growth in those years.”

King’s latest television endeavor, CBS’s “2 Broke Girls,” caters much more to the Recessionista generation. “’2 Broke Girls’ is like the evil twin of chick lit,” he said. “Carrie and her closet was Narnia…These girls barely have checks.”

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