Romney, Ryan Bash Obama's Medicare Plan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan addressed a crowd of more than 3,000 people at a college in New Hampshire on Monday, at what Romney said was his 100th town hall of the campaign. He and his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan slammed President Barack Obama over his Medicare plan, even though Ryan once supported a central tenet of that plan. "Medicare should not be a piggy bank for Obamacare," Ryan said at the rally. The pair blasted his plan to reduce Medicare's projected growth by $716 billion over 10 years as a plan to cut necessary benefits — a point intended to hit home with New Hampshire's many seniors. Ryan has so far faced intense scrutiny for the House GOP budget plan he helmed and its cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Obama says the savings his Medicare plan seeks come from reduced payments to, and greater efficiency by, health care providers.

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