Michelle Obama Admits to Not Watching RNC on “Late Show”

Mrs. Obama may not be tuning in to the RNC, but she was quick to urge voters not to do the same.

First Lady Michelle Obama made her third appearance on Letterman’s show Wednesday, where she confessed – amid discussions about parenting and healthy changes to school lunch programs – that she was not tuning in to the Republican National Convention.

But Mrs. Obama was also quick to urge viewers not to do the same.

“Let me start by saying I, as the wife of the guy they’re running against, I tend not to watch it,” Mrs. Obama told Letterman. “But I think it’s important for everyone to watch these conventions because this is the time you get to know the party, you understand the platform, you understand the candidates.”

The topic of conversation also turned to the controversial “legitimate rape” comments made by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin.

“When you have a guy, and I don’t want to embarrass anybody – like Todd Akin – and for whatever reason, he says something that he wishes he hadn’t said, and there’s some embarrassment, is it a big deal?” Letterman hedged. “I don’t know, dumb guys are allowed to say dumb things?”

Mrs. Obama, erring on the side of diplomacy, opted to answer with a joke.

“That’s how guys are,” she quipped.

The first lady’s appearance on “Late Show” was part of a media circuit to promote her nutrition and fitness initiatives. While in New York City, she also taped episodes of “The Dr. Oz Show” and “Rachael Ray,” which are scheduled to air in September, according to the White House administration. 

Letterman first had Mrs. Obama as a guest on his show in March of this year, and asked her to return in early June to present the “Top Ten Fun Facts about Gardening,” which coincided with the release of her gardening book “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.”

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