Judge to Lohan: Plea Means “There Is Going to Be Jail Time”

Troubled starlet due back in court March 10

Lindsay Lohan made a brief court appearance Wednesday in her case involving an alleged necklace theft from a Venice jewelry store.

Judge Keith Schwartz picked up where he left off during Lohan's Feb. 9 hearing with strong words for Lohan.

"There is going to be jail time in this case," said Judge Keith Schwartz. "This issue is, what it is.

"If the case settles, that's great. If the case doesn't settle, that's also great. If you settle this case, you're going to be pleading to the court. You will be treated exactly the same as anyone else. No better, no worse. That's very important to me."

The judge said prosecutors made a formal offer to settle the case. He said he wanted to give Lohan's attorney time to consider, so the case will resume March 10.

If the case doesn't settle during Lohan's next court appearance, she will face a hearing before Judge Stephanie Sautner, who will determine whether there is enough evidence for a trial. Schwartz said that Sautner also would at the same time conducting a hearing  to determine if Lohan had violated her probation in a 2007 misdemeanor DUI  case.

Her criminal record wasn't the only thing under scrutiny Wednesday at the courthouse.

After appearing in a short, form-fitting white dress that raised eyebrows at her last court date, the starlet's mom promised that her daughter will be more conservatively dressed for her second go-round.

"Literally, Lindsay didn't think about it all; she was coming from somewhere else that day, grabbed the dress and ripped the tags off right before she hopped in the car to go to court," Dina Lohan told E! in an interview. "People made such a big deal about it -- but Lindsay, being a well-endowed girl, she couldn't help but look good in it."

She showed up -- on time -- Wednesday in white pants and a black top.

The elder Lohan also said that the dress -- which actually hit Lindsay at mid-thigh -- was not "risque" and that her 24-year-old daughter would be wearing a black pantsuit to the proceedings. In addition to her mother, Lohan's sister Ali and brother Michael Jr. planned to accompany her to the Wednesday proceeding.

Between court dates, Lohan has hardly kept a low profile. According to People, she's been spotted out partying after the Grammys and leaving the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood with former girlfriend Samantha Ronson. She also made the rounds in L.A. during the NBA All-Star weekend, hitting parties and a concert where a friend was playing.

At a Feb. 9 hearing, the "Mean Girls" star plead not guilty to felony theft charges stemming from her removal of a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store on Jan. 22. Prosecutors asked for $20,000 bail and another $20,000 for the alleged parole violation. The "Machete" actress has been on probation since 2007 for two DUI busts. Schwartz had warned the actress that she needed to take matters more seriously before seeing him again.

"Please don't push your luck, I am telling you," he told her in open court Feb. 9. "Things will be different."

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