“Jersey Shore's” JWoww Blocks Ex from Releasing Nude Photos

"Jersey Shore's" Jenni "JWoww" Farley isn't know for her modesty when it comes to showing off her body, but even fist-pumping party girls have lines they won't cross.

The raven-haired beauty recently won a temporary injunction against her ex-boyfriend Thomas Lippolis to prevent him from releasing a series of nude photos he snapped of her last year, reports E! Online.

However, in a twist, Lippolis - who is currently suing Farley for $700,000 he claims to be owed for serving as her manager - said in an interview with E! that he never had any intention of selling the naked photos to any outlet.

"She concocted this whole ordeal herself due to the insecurities of me possessing such photos," he said. "We knew all along that the release of the photos would affect the original lawsuit regarding my unpaid management fees...This is exactly how my team anticipated this would pan out, and we are looking forward to going to arbitration to recover the money that is rightfully mine that would otherwise never have been paid."

In granting the injunction, Nassau County State Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey S. Brown appeared to accept JWoww's argument that her reputation would be damaged if the photos were allowed to go public. At the time the pictures were taken, she maintains that was suffering under the affects of anesthesia taken before and after a surgical procedure she had last February and thus did not give consent for them to be taken.

Lippolis responded that Farley was a willing participant in the shoot and that her reputation would not have been damaged in any case if the pictures were released because of her previously stated desire to appear in Playboy.

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