Jason Alexander Is Master of His Dome

Jason Alexander isn’t bald. He was bald.

The 52-year-old Seinfeld savant, who played bumbling bald man George Costanza, debuted a new head of hair while attending the C.S.A. Artios Awards in Beverly Hills this week, the New York Daily News reported.

The new look isn’t a complete shocker—Alexander gave a few key hints over the summer via Twitter that he was looking to make some changes in his coiffure.

“I am experimenting with some interesting hair systems,” he wrote in July, adding, “Don’t be shocked if you suddenly see pics of me with more hair than usual.”

For fans wanting more reason behind the switch, Alexander explained in a lengthier post on Wednesday that he thought his receding hairline to be “dorky,” and got a hair treatment “for a combination of professional and practical reasons.”

Alexander wrote he didn’t always want to be typecast as the George Costanzas in TV and movies, a fate he blamed in part by his (lack of) hair. “The look lost any kind of impression other than purely comical,” he wrote. “I’m [sic] happy to be able to sport that kind of look for characters but I didn’t want it to be the only kind of characters I could be considered for.”

He adds that it still isn’t a luscious head of hair; he didn’t want it his hairpiece to resemble “an artificial mop.”

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