James Franco Wore a Blond Ladies' Wig at Sundance

What happens at Sundance doesn’t stay at Sundance.

Wunderkind James Franco, the actor, PhD candidate, writer, and future Oscars host, was spotted at a Sundance Film Festival party sporting a blonde wig under a black beanie. People reports that Franco was promoting his new film, “Three’s Company: The Drama,” a documentary that looks at the popular 1970’s sitcom in a new light.

The 32-year-old actor hosted a “Reagle Beagle”-themed party at Chefdance, a culinary event put on by Sotheby’s. Franco was emulating everything Suzanne Somers, reported People.

The film, according to the LA Times blog The Envelope, is an imprecise imitation of the show. While the set is similar to the original—fake plants on a sound stage—the format of the film is quite different. Franco narrates the episodes in a directorial way, like when a character walks across the room. It is, as the LA Times notes, “oddly effective in letting you appreciate the physical humor of the show.”

Franco explains to the New Frontier, the meta-festival within Sundance, about his vision. (You, too, can hear James Franco explain the film—call 801-349-3498, hit 18 and the pound sign!)

Says Franco: “The instillation part was inspired by television and my collaborator’s relationship to television. When “Three’s Company” came out, it was number one on television. It’s all taking place in their living room, and essentially all viewers were watching in their living rooms. In a lot of ways, is it just a reflection of us, and now we’re a reflection of what we watch on television—but not necessarily in a bad way.”

And here Franco pauses. “It is what it is.”

No word yet if Franco will wear the lovely flaxen wig at the Oscars.

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