GQ to Release Video of Steamy “Glee” Photo Shoot

Some controversies never say never.

GQ recently announced that they will be releasing a behind-the-scenes video of the sexually charged, controversial shoot with “Glee” stars Lea Michele, Danna Agron, and Cory Monteith, the Hollywood Reporter said.

GQ’s website received an astounding 33 million page views for the racy pictures of the “Glee” gang in a single week. The Parent’s Television Council (who have also been vocal about the underage kids in MTV’s “Skins”) expressed their anger against the pictures, saying they were “bordering on pedophilia.”

But, GQ seems to be fine with the controversy. “It’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving,” Peter King Hunsinger, the VP Publisher of the magazine, told Mediaweek, referring to the massive traffic the website is expecting.

This won’t be the first massive exodus to a website to see racy footage. Miley Cyrus’ topless picture, posted in “Vanity Fair,” got over 19 million page views in a mere two days.

Selected Reading: Hollywood Reporter, GQ

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