Judge Orders More Counseling, Drug Tests for LiLo After Early Rehab Release

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman, unless she fails random drug and alcohol testing, moves away from Los Angeles or skips court ordered psychological counseling.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Elden Fox entered the order to release Lohan from rehab at UCLA Medical Center Tuesday night.

Fox and Lohan's attorneys were in court Wednesday morning to discuss the terms of the release. Lohan was not present and cameras were not allowed in the courtroom.

Fox allowed the 24-year-old "Mean Girls" starlet to be released on day 23 of her court ordered 90 day rehabilitation because her doctors felt it was in her best interest to move to outpatient therapy. He also dismissed two drug counts that Lohan pleaded guilty to in 2007, The Associated Press reported.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman, said his client was "very serious" about her sobriety and that she has "learned her lesson."

Under the terms of the release, the court placed a series of orders on Lohan including:

  • undergo psychotherapy 4 times a week.
  • have a minimum of 7 contacts per week with a mentor of some kind - not a physician.
  • attend behavioral therapy 2 times a week
  • 5 visits a week visits to 12 step programs
  • stay clean and submit to random alcohol and drug testing no less than 2 times a week

Any violation of the agreement could result in 30 days of jail for each occurrence. If she complies, she could be off supervised probation in November, according to the AP.

The original judge in Lohan's case, Marsha Revel, issued a 90-day jail sentence, which was later shortened to 14 days due to overcrowding in the L.A. county jail system and Lohan's good conduct.

Judge Revel, who threw the book at Lohan for violating the terms of her probation after a 2007 DUI conviction, later recused herself after the D.A. inquired about her handling of the case.

Lohan will be seen on screens next month in Robert Rodriguez's action flick, "Machete" and is free to star as porn star Linda Lovelace as planned in an upcoming biopic.

Another hearing is scheduled for November 1st.

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