Colbert Counts Down to “Suck-It-Up Wednesday”

Time is running out for Republicans to come around to the idea of a Mitt Romney nomination, says Colbert

Now that Mitt Romney has won the make-or-break Michigan primary, Stephen Colbert wants to know: When will the Republican voters and pundits just get around to loving the man already?

On "Suck-It-Up Wednesday," he said on "The Colbert Report" Wednesday night.

That, to the uninitiated, is the day after Super Tuesday. It's the day primary voters nurse their primary hangovers and decide to accept the possibly inevitable: a Mitt Romney candidacy.

Or, as Colbert put it: "One week from now, we will most likely come together and support the guy we're hoping is not the guy."

With that, he unveiled his Countdown to Loving Mitt Clock.

"We have six days, 23 hours and 59 minutes to find a replacement for this robotic plutocrat who couldn't hold the attention of cats with a can of tuna," he warned his fellow conservatives.

The clock is ticking.

Check the clip below.

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